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Vytvořeno: 16.01.2023
Hi, I would like to enroll my daughter 1st grade primary school in September 2023 as she doesn't know the language but need a teaching assistant therefore, we would like to ask for your support and appointment to have a meeting with you
Kind Regards
Eren Bektas
728 025 805


Dear Eren, 

in order to establish the position of teacher assistant in the school/class your daughter is going to attend, you will need to get a recommendation by pedagogical-psychological counselling facility (in Czech "pedagogicko-psychologická poradna" - PPP). This recommendation should be based on evaluation of special educational needs (including those connected with using different mother tongue) of your daughter. As a first step you could contact your local coordinator (for children with different mother tongue) employed by National Pedagogical Institute (their list is available here: https://cizinci.npi.cz/en/contact-us/) - he/she can provide you with a contact to your local pedagogical-psychological counselling facility. 

Best regards, 

Zbyněk Němec

Nová škola, o.p.s.  

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